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Member Highlight - Bruce Robertson

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Bruce Robertson has been a mainstay of the SSA for well over 10 years. Bruce has served as the Commodore on numerous occasions - using a steady hand to keep all of the diverse interests (and opinions!) of the club, in harmony.

Bruce's skills include boat restoration and canvas work (he is great with a commercial sewing machine!). One of his most notable is the restoration of the J24 Snogging. After many years of successfully racing on LPO, Bruce sold the boat to new owners in MT and now is the proud owner of a Cal 29 with his wife Barb.

Bruce is currently in the process of obtaining the commercial captains license - AKA his 6-pack. Bruce has passed the exam and now needs to do a few other required items and he will be another Bonner County licensed captain who can legally operate a vessel up to a gross weight of 100,000lbs.

Congratulations Bruce and everyone in the club thanks you for your hard work and dedication to our sport and the SSA!!!

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