The purpose of the club is:

  • To provide, facilitate, sponsor, and organize recreational boating activities for members and the general public;

  • To provide educational resources for youth and adults.

  • And to promote safety and competence during water-related functions.


The club is a not for profit entity and is funded in part by sponsorships, grants, membership and race fees and YOUR donations. The club is governed by a member elected board of officers and directors. The 2018 board of officers and directors are:


Commodore: Ivan Rimar

Vice Commodore: April Taylor

Rear Commodore: Chris Ankney

Secretary: Chris Chambers

Treasurer: Jim Doudna

Director of Education: Tony Hayes

Quartermaster: Fred Gloor

Webmaster: Mike Jewell

Past Commodore: Bruce Robertson

Director at Large: Dakota Blaese

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