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Racing on the north end of Lake Pend Oreille includes Thursday night races and almost every Saturday throughout the summer. There are buoy races and long distances races. We have a PHRF fleet and a Capri 25 and J/24 One Design Fleet. Racing season begins and ends with a party. We kick off racing with a float your boat weekend along with the Spring BBQ the first weekend in June and concludes with the Fall BBQ the third weekend in September.

This year the following awards are up for grabs:

  • OD/PHRF Summer Series

  • White Rock Race

  • Wind Sprints

  • Helen Gloor Moonlight Race

  • Festival Cup Champion (presented at the Festival of Sandpoint)

  • Women at the Helm Race

  • Spud Cup Champion (presented on final day of Spud Cup racing)

  • Season Champion (for best combined score of PHRF series)

  • Tom Hukle Award (for sportsmanship and dedication to sailing)

  • Crew Member of the year

  • Youth Sailor of the year

Recognition, bragging rights, and awards will be awarded throughout the season.

Thursday Night Racing

 Calling it racing may be a bit of a stretch. Our Thursday night fun races are meant to be casual, fun and inviting to new comers. If you are interested in sailing and connecting to a fun community - Thursday nights are your opportunity. 

Thursday night racing begins on the first Thursday in June and ends on the second Saturday in September. There are 13 races during the summer, with the final race taking place on a Saturday. SSA membership for skippers and regular crew is strongly encouraged.

PHRF Long Distance Racing

PHRF long distance racing takes place throughout the summer starting on June 17 and lasting through Mid September. SSA membership for skippers is required and for regular crew is strongly encouraged.The following races are just some of the races we organize:

  • White Rock Distance Race

  • Helen Gloor Moonlight Race

  • Wind Sprints - short course buoy races

  • Festival Cup - buoy race (2 Tuesdays during the Festival of Sandpoint)

  • Fred Gloor Fall Colors Cruise

J24Capri 25 One Design, and PHRF Racing

Every other Saturday starting on the first Saturday in June and lasting through mid September is dedicated to J24, Capri 25, and PHRF buoy racing. Racing typically includes buoy racing around a windward leeward course and could include as many as 14 boats on the starting line on any given Sunday. 

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